Saturday, April 12, 2008

WYD Vestments Need Explicitly Christian Symbols

HT Absolutely No Spin... In an article in an online Australian news site, it was reported that Pope Benedict has rejected the proposed WYD vestment design. The reason for it is the Pope's opinion that all symbology on vestments must be explicitly Christian... not such a very radical requirement, in my opinion. A quote from the article:
The Pope is known to dislike vestment symbols that are not
explicitly Christian. He may, though, wear some variation on the vestment design, a WYD spokeswoman said.

Take a gander at the photo of the proposed design... the front of the vestment features a symbol of the southern cross constellation. The back features something called "Margorie's Bird" (I have no idea what that is).

Another quote from gives a little insight as to how the design came about:

"They feature the Southern Cross on the front, signifying
Australia as the Great Southern Land of the Holy Spirit. "This is reinforced by the indigenous image on the back of the chasuble - Marjorie's Bird - also representing the Holy Spirit. "We want to ensure we reflect our unique landscape, history and cultural influences when the international spotlight is on Sydney for this great event," he said. Marjorie's Bird was created by indigenous artist Marjorie Liddy from the Tiwi Islands in Northern Territory.

Both sets of vestments were designed by Melbourne firm Stuart Pettigrew Design and Sr Rosemary Crumlin RSM.

You can see a (not very good) small photo of the vestment back at a pdf here...

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