Saturday, April 26, 2008

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Ft. Worth, TX

While doing a few tourist-type activities on our house-hunting trip, we were able to stop in to see the cathedral in Ft. Worth. St. Patrick's Cathedral is right in downtown Ft. Worth (currently in the middle of a lot of construction going on in the next block).

The cathedral itself was a beautiful old church, with almost none of the changes one can associate with the effects of Vatican II. The only real change I could guess must have occurred was the moving out of the altar toward the front to allow for the priest to say Mass facing the people. It also looked like there may have been a portion of the altar rail removed as well. However, the majority of the altar rail seems to be intact and is quite beautiful.

The ceiling of the church appears to be simple plaster, with a few wooden arches. Unfortunately, the entire church is carpeted. I was imagining how great the music would have sounded in there without the carpeting.

What was truly amazing in the church was the collection of absolutely fabulous stained glass windows and the many beautiful statues of saints all through the church.

The wonderfully carved stations of the cross were also very nice.

Can't say enough about this beautiful church. I am looking forward to attending Mass there sometime after we are living there. I am posting a photo of the St. Cecilia stained glass window. I may add a few other photos later... enjoy.

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