Saturday, April 26, 2008

Longhorn cattle drive

Any of you who noticed the dearth of postings this past week will be thrilled to know that I haven't given up blogging, but rather was away from access to the world wide web. My laptop gets alarmingly hot with any use at all (still got to get that checked out), so we went computer-less this week.

We were off on a house-hunting trip this week, trying to find out where we'll live next. We had a very good experience, getting somewhat familiar with the areas near where my husband will be working. We found a possible house (still in negotiations with the seller), got a new Suzuki teacher for the boys all lined out, and had time to do some tourist type things as well.

One of the tourist attractions we found quite amazing was the Longhorn cattle drive that occurs every day in downtown Ft. Worth. The city has a small herd of longhorns and hired cowboys to drive them as a tourist attraction. We got there in time to see the 4 pm cattle drive and have the photos to prove it.

Our boys are also big roller-coaster enthusiasts, so we actually ended up staying later than planned so that we could make a couple-hour stop at Six Flags over Texas. I rode the Batman: the Ride roller coaster and also the Titan ride with my oldest son... I remembered having a slight headache the last time after I rode Titan (and it repeated itself again), but I have to give high reviews to the Batwing ride. It looks much scarier from the ground, but is really a very smooth and fun ride... no jarring turns, etc.

Yes, we are a little crazier than most and are doing our level best to lead our boys along the same path... it seems they like this stuff, too. As I recently mentioned to a friend, you have to start them out too young to have any sense about it...


James H said...

Ahh If your boys are such fans then go ahead and invest in Season Passes. For only a little bit more get Hurricane Harbor thrown in

Perfect for those Mom shopping days in the city when having young boys stuck you r car in traffic on the loop for hours is not ones idea of fun lol

lvschant said...

Yes... we all have season passes... it doesn't take too many visits to make it well worth it. My boys are not good shoppers (they beg not to go)... I usually save it for a day when they can stay home with their Dad (lol).