Friday, April 22, 2011

Vatican II Hymnal

I've been following with great anticipation the news about Jeff Ostrowski's new hymnal.

For the first time ever, I have been using the OCP Breaking Bread book at the parish where I work now. It was already in place upon my arrival. While the book has a fairly large number of hymns in the back, and even some chants with English translations, I find the translations poor and the accompaniments not as good as those I've used in GIA publications in the past. I went through the music in the book and found that, out of the 900 or so selections, only about 150 or so would I consider using in the liturgy. So... Jeff's planned listing of about 160 hymns, with better text, nice arrangements for SATB choirs and Chabanel psalms sounds very good to me.

There have been several discussions about the layout, music choices, etc. on the MusicaSacra forum. Check it out here.

For all sorts of wonderful resources, check out the Corpus Christi Watershed sites.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor Clare Recordings - Roswell NM

Mid-January 2009, Poor Clare Monastery, Roswell, NM

The much-awaited recordings from morning Mass with the Poor Clares has been loaded to another server. Links:

Agnus Dei XVI
Agnus Dei X
Alleluia Haec est Vera
Communio Omnes Gentes
Fasciculus - Carol of the Drifting Snow
Introit Multae Tribulationes
Introit O Admirabile
Kyrie X
Kyrie XVI
Memorial Acclamation
Sanctus X
Sanctus XVI

Holy Saturday Vigil

Music Selections:

Procession... Christ Our Light (to be sung by the deacon... Hurray)
Exultet: Deacon to sing Missal version in English (Double Hurray)
Psalms: Respond and Acclaim selections
Gloria: Heritage Mass
Alleluia: Respond and Acclaim selection
Litany of Saints (chanted in English)
Sprinkling: I Saw Water Flowing (this was the only decent English version of the Vidi Aquam I could find in the Breaking Bread...)
Confirmation: Come, Holy Ghost
Offertory: Simple Proper antiphon
Communion: Now the Green Blade Rises
Recessional: Jesus Christ is Risen Today (Lyra Davidica)

Once again, my two boys will be serving at Mass... I love seeing those boys on the altar. We have six to be received into the Church this year...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Music for the Triduum

Holy Thursday

Entrance: Love Divine, All Loves Excelling
Washing of Feet: Ubi Caritas
Offertory: What Wondrous Love
Communion: One Bread, One Body (I know... not my favorite, but the parishioners love it)
Transfer of Eucharist: Pange Lingua (English) and Tantum Ergo (English)

My two boys will be altar servers at Mass and are looking forward to using the incense.

Good Friday

Veneration: Were You There (I wish we could have done the reproaches, but the parish is still not completely used to my Gregorian tendencies)
Stabat Mater (English)
Communion: Psalm 22
O Sacred Head Surrounded

We will (most assuredly) not be singing "Behold the Wood". I still get a chuckle whenever I realize how closely the verses match the tune of Gilligan's Island...

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palm Sunday in Georgia

Music selections this year:

All Glory, Laud and Honor
Hosanna Filio David (blessing of palms), in English
Simple Propers Offertory antiphon
O Sacrament Most Holy (Communion)
O Sacred Head Surrounded (Recessional)

The parish was unfamiliar with Hosanna Filio David... but I hope to establish this as one song that is used every year. I have the Latin version of it memorized, I like it so much.

Its melody sounds like something the people of Jerusalem would have sung, perhaps a well-known psalm sung at the synagogues.