Sunday, April 6, 2008

Still can't seem to use audacity...

Well... I figured out several pieces of the puzzle... I bought software to convert the .wmv files from my Olympus recorder to mp3. Then I found a free hosting site (instead of trying to make the other one work -- too hard) and uploaded several music recordings...

Now you hear the fruits of my labor when you open up the site. I am hoping to be able to figure out how to use the editing software to clean up the recordings... get rid of the street noise and the "click" at the end... but in the meantime, I have made much progress. I imagine I'll change the chants daily... makes it more interesting, don't you think?

The problem I am having with Audacity is that, after I've done my editing, I can't seem to get the dumb file to export back as an mp3 file. The software keeps telling me that I need another program to reconvert it to mp3... there must be something simple I could do to make this work... but I'm learning it all the hard way.

The recording on there today is O Salutaris, a chant from the Liber Cantualis. I may take that element off the side at some point... it could become annoying... but for now... it is there!

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