Friday, July 3, 2009

Colloquium 2009 -- Music from 6.28.09

I finally got to editing the recording I made from the Mass on Sunday at Loyola from the Colloquium. See the recordings on the widget on the right:

Introit Omnes Gentes
Kyrie Byrd Mass for Five Voices
Gloria Byrd
Gradual Exaltabo te
Alleluia Omnes gentes
Offertory Sicut in holocausto
Offertory motet: Handl's Duo Seraphim
Sanctus/Benedictu Byrd
Agnus Dei Byrd
Communion Inclina aurem
Communion Motet Ave Verum Corpus Byrd
Post Communion: Ave Maris Stella Liszt
Organ Postlude: Ann Labounsky playing Langlais


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Corpus Christi Watershed Video - Colloquium XIX

One of the great treats was to get to meet the folks from Corpus Christi Watershed who attended the Colloquium with us last week. They brought along lots of sophisticated recording equipment to document the happenings of the week and could be seen discreetly moving about the chapel or lectures or break-out sessions or rehearsals doing their work...

It was especially nice to meet Jeff Ostrowski, with whom I have been corresponding for awhile on email. See this little glimpse of the fruits of their labor which has been posted on YouTube to show a few shots from the early part of the week.

I can't wait to see what comes of the documentary as they have time to sift through all the many hours of footage they gathered.

If you feel inspired by their work, please donate to them here: Corpus Christi Watershed Donations
If you would like to help the Church Music Association of America in offering more programs like this, you can donate to them here: MusicaSacra Donations

Enjoy the Video...

Colloquium 2009 More Music uploads

This morning, I went back to the music from Thursday, June 25th. I had run out of time during the week and never got the rest of my recordings uploaded.

So... today you can find the following uploaded into the music widget:

Introit Os justi (Gregorian chant)
Kyrie Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)
Gloria Rheinberger (St. John Cantius Choir)
Gradual Domine praevenisti (Gregorian chant)
Alleluia Justus ut palma (Gregorian chant)
Offertory Desiderium (Gregorian chant)
Offertory Motet Laudate pueri Mendelssohn (St. John Cantius Choir)
Sanctus Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)
Benedictus Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)

Unfortunately, my recorder ran out of space before the Brahms piece I sang with my polyphonic choir made it onto the recorder. I'll try to see if I can get it from some other generous soul who successfully recorded it... perhaps Chironomo...