Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weekend update...

Well... as soon as the grass dries up a bit more, I am out to mow... with the lovely rain we have had the past few days, it has greened-up nicely. We do have a "For Sale" sign posted out front and I have the house within 15 minutes of ready to show status... so all is right with the world.

Thursday our family spent the day at the hospital... my husband had an outpatient surgery scheduled... so the boys (schoolbooks in their backpacks) and I took him there at around 5:15 am. The surgery went well and he is recuperating nicely at home. It was a very long day, though, for all of us. We didn't end up actually getting home until about 4 pm.

Later that evening, when I could see that the boys were well-situated and with orders to fetch anything their Dad might need... I headed out to chant practice. We are a bit uncertain of when our next Latin Mass will be with the announcement of our new Bishop. As such, the Latin Masses we had scheduled have been cancelled for now because of all the intense effort in the planning for his Ordination/Installation.

We worked on the beautiful sequence Veni Sancte Spiritus that is called for on Pentecost. It has to be one of my all-time favorite chants. We sang it antiphonally men/women. Also, we tried something a little different this week. In the foyer to the cathedral the accoustics are very live... perhaps how the cathedral itself was before they added all the sound-deadening acoustic panels to the ceiling whenever they did the last major renovation. We moved our group out to the foyer and sang... it was such a good sound!

I went back yesterday afternoon to record the chants we'll be working on for the coming weeks - general Marian hymns, two more Mass settings and a few other pieces we haven't yet done from the Liber Cantualis. I must say the recordings sound much better there (in the church foyer) than from my home bathroom recording studio! Even with my simple recorder, the sound was good... wish I could figure out how to upload some of the recordings I have made to the blog... but I am guessing I am really just going to have to learn how to use my mp3 recorder!

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James H said...

I never thought about the panels in the ceiling. In fact I have really looked at it.

I do hope tath even if you move in a month or so you can still come back and sing for the Bishops Installiation