Thursday, March 27, 2008

Wine and conversation

After schola practice this evening... as I was discussing the world problems with friends, it occurred to me that I have gotten a mite cynical in my (let's be kind) middle age. We spoke of politicians, Hillary, Obama, McCain... expressing our dissatisfaction with the entire group of them for various reasons. My opinion is that, no matter how high-minded and moral a person starts out, prolonged exposure to politics and other politicians is a very corrupting influence.

On the ride home, I caught a few minutes of Michael Savage's show on talk radio... yes I do listen to him occasionally, although I am not sure I would qualify as a member of the Savage nation. He was speaking of the huge government defense contracts that are enriching many a senator and congressman. He claims Murtha (the marine who has turned on his fellow jarheads) is one of the biggest beneficiaries... in fact, his claim is that, now that Democrats are becoming as wealthy as the Republicans on all this defense spending, it is necessary to keep the war going and to focus our attention on the economy (it's the economy, stupid) instead.

One of my friends said that there is a bit of humor to be found in the political process... apparently in some states (Ohio being one, I think), the primary process allows members of any party to vote for candidates in the Democrat party... so, some radio show pundits have encouraged Republicans to get in and vote for Hillary (assuming she would be easier to beat in the general election). Some have even, reportedly, been named delegates for Hillary...

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