Thursday, March 13, 2008

Schola Night!

Schola night! We had a very good rehearsal, running through almost all of the music that will be used at our very first Missa Cantata... The group is sounding very good, although it would be so nice if Matt had some support from the other guys in the group... It is mostly a situation of schedules and busy lives, I think...

This morning I spent a couple of hours talking about the cues for singing a Missa Cantata with another volunteer schola director who will be singing for Low Sunday also. It was especially nice to discuss with him since we are both using essentially the same music choices. Since it will be my first time to lead one, I have been a bit nervous about attempting it on my own. With budgets an issue, and no hired professional to do the job, I'll be doing my best and hoping it will be good enough...

Our plan for the music is:

Prelude: Regina Caeli Laetare

Processional: Victimae Paschali

Introit: Quasimodo

Kyrie: VIII de angelis

Gloria: VIII de angelis

Alleluia: In die and Post dies

Credo: III

Offertory: Angelus Domini

O Filii et Filiae

Sanctus: VIII de angelis

Agnus Dei: VIII de angelis

Communion: Mitte Manum (with Psalm verses)

Closing Hymn: Regina Caeli Jubila (possible -- not yet determined)

My boys loved their babysitter... a wonderful daughter of a home schooling friend (with a beautiful soprano voice). She sings with the cathedral choir and recently sang a beautiful solo... she sings so clearly... she sang right up to the high Bb in the piece effortlessly (or at least it seemed so from my vantage point).

I did manage to get a lot of housecleaning done today... but I left some of the fun for tomorrow morning. It is late...


Mary Jane said...

Sounds like it's going to be lovely. When is your Missa Cantata? I'll send an extra "Hail Mary" in your direction on the date.

lvschant said...

Thank you very much! Prayers on our behalf are much needed and most appreciated!!! We will be singing on March 30th in the evening.

I'm also singing the chanted portions of the Vittoria Popule Meus for Good Friday along with a small group who will sing the SATB portion... I could use a few prayers for that as well... :)