Friday, March 28, 2008

A Plan for next year's Chrism Mass

I just read Joanna Bogle's latest article on Inside Catholic here. I often think of the gratitude we parishioners feel toward our priests and perhaps the fact that they maybe don't hear about it often enough. The action of parishioners in her diocese was to show the priests their thanks by demonstrating it with placards and holy cards offered to thank the priests before the Chrism Mass.

Apparently, there had been a group of women protesting the lack of women priests annually at the event, which no doubt had been a really uplifting thing for those priests to see. In the past couple of years since the group of people showing their thanks has been there, it has been a great success. Ms. Bogle reports that the 'women priest' demonstrators didn't show up this year.

I don't know that there have been such demonstrators at a Chrism Mass in our diocese... but I do know that we probably don't show enough thanks for these holy men who have given their lives to the service of God. Wherever we are next year, I will try to see if I can get something like this going in our diocese...

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