Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Musical Instruments and other thoughts

When we first started the boys with Suzuki lessons, we weren't really sure how it would go... whether they would like it and do well, whether we would like the program... so, we opted not to purchase instruments immediately. So... after 7 months (and that many months of rental payments, too), I think it is going to stick.

I ordered instruments for the boys from an online place. Many of the parents in the program have obviously spent a lot more for the kids' instruments than I did... I am thinking that it is craziness to pay big bucks for a 1/4 size violin, for example. I know (at least I am pretty sure) he is going to grow out of that size fairly quickly. I measured his arm length on the instrument he is using now to see if I could possibly get by with ordering the next larger size for him, but alas...

Especially with our upcoming move and the upheaval that will surely cause in terms of many routines, I wanted to be sure to have the instrument situation taken care of so that (along with the homeschooling) we can have our daily routine continue during the transition.

I was talking to a friend about our upcoming departure this morning and had a sort of 'aha' moment. I have a personal tendency to get overextended with activities, interests, etc. I volunteer or somehow get roped in to doing a few more things than I can comfortably do quite often... So... I do the things I agree to do, but things at home (like regular meals, housecleaning, tax preparation -- oh yes, that is upon me) tend to suffer.

This frequent moving thing because of my husband's job helps me scale back, catch my breath and begin again each time we move. Granted, the move itself is always a bit stressful... but the time after the boxes are unpacked, when we are still learning how to get around a new city and haven't yet joined any choirs or social groups or gotten involved in lots of kids' activities or met the new friends we will surely make in the new place is always a chance to rest and regroup for me.
I brutally sorted through my (stuffed to the gills) bookshelves and identified about 40 books I could part with and have them ready to give away. The motivation to begin in earnest to sort through and get rid of things hasn't really hit me yet... I keep thinking I still have plenty of time. Many more closets and cupboards await... not to mention the boys' room and the garage...
Also on my list of things to do is to find out how to plan a "fun run" fundraiser. I am not a runner myself, so have zero experience with this... but I am fairly good at planning things logically. I've got a couple of names to start with to ask the questions of... but the bulk of the planning is still undone...
Last year I also began doing some simple recordings of musical compositions written by a friend... we've never finished them up with the fine-tuning of my performance and the mixing... I'd really like to finish that before we leave the area, as it will be much more difficult from a distance.
Tomorrow is a major housecleaning day... everything WILL go in its place... dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom and kitchen shining... yes it will be done tomorrow in preparation for my husband's return. Perhaps I'll even have a fabulous meal planned in honor of his return from out of town...

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