Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Busy Tuesday

It is a busy week... lots of kid schoolwork to do and their normal activities... We went to daily Mass today along with some other home schooling friends. Afterward, the boys enjoyed their bag lunches with their buddies and had a bit of (that desperately needed thing) socialization!

Today was also my youngest son's first violin recital. Yes, he played Twinkle, twinkle in all its wonderful variations along with his seven other graduating classmates this afternoon. In his white shirt, tie, suit pants and church shoes, he looked pretty spiffy. I was very proud of him.

We stayed for most of the rest of the music (until the fidgety kids drove me to my limit -- the enjoyment I received listening was not enough to outdo the irritation of wiggling, answering loudly-whispered questions, etc.). The final performance we heard was an absolutely outstanding cello solo by the son of the director of the Suzuki program here in Shreveport - John Henry Crawford. He has an amazing stage presence for one so young... and his playing was superb!

I am busily trying to put together music for an early Saturday morning Mass... I need to learn three new chant pieces by then. They are:

Introit: Sitientes
Offertory: Factus est Dominus
Communion: Dominus regit me

Time to get the boys to bed and get to reading! So much time, so little to do -- wait, reverse that!

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Matt said...

You should have him play "Lord of the Dance" or some other Irish drinking song turned crappy contemporary "catholic" hymn.