Sunday, January 18, 2009

Poor Clare Monastery Recordings posted

I have posted the music recordings I recorded during my visit to three different daily Mass times this past week. See the music widget on the left... The recordings are NOT professional... lots of coughing, clearing throats, etc. However, I think you can get a sense of the clear, sweet sound that we hear at Mass with the sisters.

I had let my old file hosting account lapse, so I decided to try another one... I am not happy with it because of some of the pop-up ads you find when you visit their site. I will probably be looking for a different one soon (and would be very happy to have suggestions!).

UPDATE: 4/21/11 A new posting of the Poor Clare Recordings is now available on the blog here: 

We are back safely at home... Mass was very nice again this morning with the schola. We sang the proper Introit this morning, the 2nd Sunday of Ordinary Time. Our list of songs for today was:

Introit: Omnis terra
Kyrie: VIII / Gloria: VIII
Responsorial Psalm and Alleluia (simple chant in English -- I need to work on my enunciation... I have been told that I am a bit difficult to understand in spots -- what is the point if the words cannot be understood?! I'll be working on that this week)
Offertory: Jesu Dulcis
Sanctus: XVIII Agnus Dei: XVIII
Communion: Qui Manducat (ad libitum Communion chant)
Post Communion: Anima Christi
Closing: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee

It is officially time for me to put together my music plan for Lent... the housework can wait, right?


Anonymous said...

k-you for this! great job, especially like the Introit!hmmm sounds like a video is in the works..

Anonymous said...

ps you may like this as well

Unknown said...

Hey there!
I just learned about your blog. I would be very interested in listening your recordings of the Poor Clares Nuns in Roswell... Could you post them again or send it to me via email? My email is:
Thank you!!
PD:I'm using the email of my sister to identify myself, I don't have a Google/Blogger account and don't want to have it. Thank you!

Unknown said...

I cannot find the music widget on the left...

lvschant said...

sorry... my free music hosting account has lapsed. I'm working on another site where this won't be a problem in the future.

Please be patient.

lvschant said...

Recordings are reposted... enjoy!