Thursday, April 21, 2011

Poor Clare Recordings - Roswell NM

Mid-January 2009, Poor Clare Monastery, Roswell, NM

The much-awaited recordings from morning Mass with the Poor Clares has been loaded to another server. Links:

Agnus Dei XVI
Agnus Dei X
Alleluia Haec est Vera
Communio Omnes Gentes
Fasciculus - Carol of the Drifting Snow
Introit Multae Tribulationes
Introit O Admirabile
Kyrie X
Kyrie XVI
Memorial Acclamation
Sanctus X
Sanctus XVI


Maureen said...

It is an amazing place ones spirit goes when you can be a part of this singing experience. Really glorious for the heart.
Maureen Burns of Watkinsville, ga.
I heard the Poor Clair's in Rockford, Ill years ago and still remember it all.

Anonymous said...

I have downloaded your recording of the Introit Multae for my schola who are singing this on Saturday. I hope you don't mind.


lvschant said...

By all means... please use it and enjoy with my regards! Best wishes to your entire schola.

SailorMark said...

Links are not working. Can you repost?

Tanker said...

Sorry about that... new hosting site caused link problems. Should all be working now.

emma said...

Hopefully I will join these Poor Clares soon. They are a wonderful group of nuns, and they sing like angels!

emma said...
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