Friday, January 9, 2009

Sacred Music Workshop in Sugarland, TX

I just registered for the Sacred Music Workshop that will be at St. Theresa Catholic Church in Sugarland, TX. It will be February 13-14, culminating with the 5:00 pm Mass there. I have one schola member who has made the commitment to go with me so far and probably have at least two others who will join us. This will be a fun road trip down south and a great chance for more learning about Sacred Music.

Scott Turkington will be the guest director there... I am looking forward to singing with him again. I also think it will be great for the members of my schola to get to sing with him and see how a person who really knows what he is doing directs!

It falls on the 5th Sunday of Ordinary Time, so I am guessing the chants will be chosen from among the following (with some replaced by polyphony pieces):

Introit: Venite, adoremus
Kyrie orbis factor XI (just my guess)
Gloria orbis factor XI (again, guessing)
Gradual: Tollite hostias (I would bet we substitute a wonderful polyphonic version of this somewhere in the Mass music and use a simply chanted responsorial psalm here)
Alleluia: Laudate Dominum
Offertory: Perfice gressus (probably a polyphonic piece instead?)
Mysterium fidei
Sanctus XI (?)
Agnus Dei XI (??)
Communion: Multitudo languentium
Closing: Probably a nice English hymn

I'll refresh my memory on these things in any case and hope at least some of my predictions are correct. We are planning to sing the Introit at San Mateo that weekend in any case, so I do hope that turns out to be one they use.

Update: I had looked at the calendar and seemingly couldn't read it... the workshop falls on the 6th Sunday of Ordinary Time... all my predictions were for nought. The ordinaries will most likely be from Mass IV, from a little contact with the DoM there. Also, there are now four of us making the road trip down there for it... should be fun. I need to pack some goodies to share.

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