Friday, January 16, 2009

Poor Clare Monastery, Roswell NM

If you check out the "Useful Sites" on the left hand side of the blog page, you will find that I added the Poor Clares Roswell, NM. A friend of the monastery created the site in order to let any young women who may be discerning a vocation find some information about their life and the monastery here, as well as the history of the order, etc. I find the site very nice. I love the photos of the sisters doing their daily tasks, as well as the special occasions.

The sisters are not linked up with the world wide web, (I am assuming) preferring instead to remain a bit more separated from the outside world than would possibly be the case when linked to such instantaneous access to/from the world. Because of the fact that so many people get their information about all kinds of things from the internet, they wanted to offer some help to those who may be seeking information.

I would also recommend the book by the late Abbess, Mother Mary Francis that describes the life of a cloistered nun in a wonderful way -- A Right To Be Merry. It is published by Ignatius Press.

Once I have time to edit the recordings I made while attending Mass, I will be posting those that turned out well. I was so happy that I received permission to share them.

We have no idea what a blessing contemplative orders are to the world... the Poor Clares are a wonderful example!

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Mary Jane said...

Oh Criminy! Now you've got a nifty little sidebar player. You're a hard act to keep up with. And of course, now I have to listen to everything. I loved that book by Mother Mary Francis when I was a Protestant teenager longing to be Catholic. All I can remember right now is something about their eating some meals on the floor during Lent.