Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mass with the Poor Clares

Well, I did make it to the 7:00 a.m. Mass with the Poor Clares this morning. It was wonderful and peaceful and lovely, as always. I tried desperately to find what they were singing from my Graduale, but was not successful, other than for the ordinaries. I did record it though, and will take some time to listen and also maybe contact the sisters about what they are singing on weekday Masses. It should have been the Feast of St. Remigius (if I looked at the Graduale correctly, but the priest said we were celebrating the Feast of St. Mauro). In any case, I looked for the propers for both of those feasts and did not find a match with the music that was used. They didn't do the proper Gradual or the Offertory or the Communion for either feast... perhaps upon better listening to the Introit later I can figure out what was sung... The ordinaries used were the Mass XVI Kyrie and Sanctus and another simple setting of the Agnus Dei... still need to look it up and find exactly which one it was.

I will try to go again tomorrow (perhaps tomorrow they'll do St. Remigius). Whether or not I get good recordings or can identify the propers... the sound is lovely. Too bad I won't be here for a Sunday morning Mass...

All is well here... beautiful sunny day in SE New Mexico!

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