Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Been reading books...

In the past week I have read three novels and am in the midst of the fourth. I don't usually binge on books this way, but between traveling and having my mother give me a stack of books I hadn't read, I couldn't help myself.

The most recent titles:

Stone Cold, by David Baldacci
Cat & Mouse, by James Patterson
Simple Genius, by David Baldacci
The Simple Truth, by David Baldacci

I got started on this list from a wish to follow the antics of David Baldacci's characters in the book The Camel Club. Stone Cold is a sequel to it... Then, the others just seemed to follow in type of plot. I must admit I don't much care for novels with lurid descriptions of gratuitous sex. I much prefer legal or crime thrillers with interesting characters.

Now, each of these books took me, maybe, one day to finish... so they are not heavy reading [but very enjoyable]. So... if you are looking for light diversion...

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