Friday, January 23, 2009

Housewifely Things

Before Christmas my husband and boys were asking me what I might like to get for Christmas... I am a bit difficult to shop for (you never know for sure what books I have already read... being primarily a homebody, I don't really go much for jewelry or perfumes...).

I came up with a new kitchen gadget that they ordered for me. It is a yogurt-maker. I generally have tried to avoid getting lots of new kitchen gadgets since we move so frequently. If it can be done with a simple knife, I generally don't want new slicer-dicer things... having been married over 26 years, I pretty much have all the pots/pans/appliances I need. But this one little simple gadget (that merely keeps the mixture at the right temperature for a prolonged period of time) is just what I had hoped for.

We have tried it out... very simple to do. I purchased one plain container of organic yogurt with live cultures at the store to use as a starter... then added my own organic milk... followed the recipe. I have often found that the plain yogurt in the stores is a bit more tart than my youngest (picky) son likes. So, I processed it only 6 hours... it has a very smooth texture, not so tart taste and it is delicious. We made some of it into frozen treats (I know it must be cold somewhere, but it was up to 82 degrees here yesterday) with frozen raspberries, blackberries, orange juice and a scant teaspoonful of sugar -- no High fructose corn syrup here. It has gotten rave reviews.

I also got an accompanying book that gives loads of recipes for using yogurt... from appetizers, middle-eastern dips, sauces, soups, desserts... This gift was a winner!

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