Thursday, October 16, 2008

Chant update

This week has gone by very quickly. On Monday evening, we began working on chants in preparation for Advent. We started working on some new things:

Introit: Ad te levavi
Communion: Dominus dabit
Advent Hymn: Rorate

Our work continued with the ordinaries we will be using during Advent, as well as a solfege exercise. Turnout was a bit light, perhaps due to the holiday.

This evening, I was fortunate to be invited to give a short workshop to the choir members at St. Mary of the Assumption. They were very quick to pick it up. I am hoping I was able to help them in their future chant endeavors. We went over some basics of the chant notation, rhythmic groups, as well as singing three different ordinaries. They were: Sanctus XVIII, Agnus Dei XVIII and Agnus Dei XVII.

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Mary Jane said...

Sounds like you're really on the move down there in Fort Worth. I'm impressed. And I'm pleased that you landed in some place that is so supportive of good liturgy. My schola's holding at 6 members right now. And because there is no church that wants us, we're still plugging away at Marian Vespers. Next up is the Presentation of the Virgin in the Temple - one of my favorite feasts because the story is so charming.

Let's hear some recordings from your group - it will motivate all the rest of us.