Saturday, November 1, 2008

Schola news

Well... I am a bit late in posting the latest. We are continuing to work on our propers for Advent, as well as the chant hymns for Advent. Last week we also began to work on a few chant hymns for the Christmas season. The Parish Book of Chant has such a nice collection of hymns...

We started to work on:

Resonet in laudibus
Corde natus
Puer natus

We'll have plenty of opportunity to use them in the Christmas season. Our schola is settling in to a group of about 5-6 women right now. Although we have had many others come and go, the number has settled (for now, anyway) at a very nice and somewhat easy to manage number. Once we begin singing at Mass regularly, I expect it will generate a bit more interest again. At this point, I am just going to focus on getting us ready with the group we have.

I have also been asked to lead a small children's choir in getting ready for Christmas at the parish. I will be having the first practice this coming Monday. I am going to use a couple of the chant pieces from the Story of Redemption in Chant. I love this little booklet that CMAA has posted for free download and had been wishing for an opportunity to use it. So... I will attempt to use a few of the Ward method techniques with the children in teaching them some of the basics of pitch-matching and solfege. It will have to be very limited, of course, given the time I have to work with. We will also sing a handful of Christmas carols, which should be familiar to many. I wrote a little program out for planning purposes.

Life is chugging along :)

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