Tuesday, October 14, 2008

ACORN grants by USCCB detail for 2007

So... for any who are interested in just the ACORN grants given by the USCCB (not to mention some of the other very questionable sounding grantees on the list), here is a detailed listing.

I will definitely be giving my donations to the bishop's funds more thought next time around. I'm all for helping the needy. Paying individuals to commit fraud in our political process does not qualify in my opinion.

Interestingly, the "Program Area" listed for these various grants varied a fair amount. Most were related to "Community Organizing" and related to "Neighborhood Improvement" and "Civil Rights/Racism".

Geographical area served Amount

Nevada $40,000.00
Hawaii $30,000.00
San Francisco, CA $30,000.00
San Mateo, CA $35,000.00
San Bernardino, CA $30,000.00
Oakland, CA $30,000.00
Contra Costa, CA $35,000.00
Fresno, CA $30,000.00
Houston, TX $25,000.00
Ft. Worth, TX $25,000.00
El Paso, TX $25,000.00
Irving, TX $25,000.00
New Mexico $25,000.00
Pulaski, Arkansas $25,000.00
Tucson, AZ $20,000.00
Mesa, AZ $30,000.00
Phoenix, AZ $30,000.00
Northwestern Indiana $36,000.00
Indianapolis, IN $35,000.00
Raleigh, NC $25,000.00
Mississippi $30,000.00
Louisiana $30,000.00
Louisville, KY $25,000.00
Georgia $25,000.00
Central FL $30,000.00
Hialeah, FL $25,000.00
Broward County, FL $20,000.00
Alabama $25,000.00
Allegheny, PA $25,000.00
Harrisburg, PA $25,000.00
Lehigh, PA $20,000.00
Columbus, OH $25,000.00
Cleveland, OH $30,000.00
Cincinnati, OH $25,000.00
Paterson, NJ $40,000.00
Metuchen, NJ $25,000.00
Grand Rapids, MI $25,000.00
Delaware $25,000.00
Rhode Island $25,000.00
Boston, MA $25,000.00

For a Grand total of $1,111,000.00


Matt S said...

ACORN works to get liberal democrats elected through voter fraud. Liberal democrats are universally pro-abortion. The USCCB gives money to help pro-abortion candidates get elected.

Many saints are credited with this quote, "The road to hell is paved with the skulls of bishops".

Giving money to organizations which prop up pro-abortion politicians is certainly a way to get your name on a brick!

Matt S said...

ACORN partnered with Planned Parenthood, the NEA, and MoveOn for a $40 million Healthcare campaign this August.


Anonymous said...
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