Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Rocky Mountain Region Sacred Music Workshop Recordings

Many thanks to Carl Diershow for these great recordings from the Colorado Springs Sacred Music Workshop (Jan 18-19). I was ready to record myself, trying to get some experience in using my Zoom H4, only to discover that I was out of space on the memory chip (bad planning on my part).

If Ye Love Me (Tallis)

Kyrie XI (Orbis Factor)

Sanctus XI (Orbis Factor)

Jubilate Deo (Lassus)

As with many recordings, these don't quite do justice to the beautiful sound we got being there, but it is easy to see what a great job Scott Turkington and Dr. Horst Buchholz did in teaching a bunch of folks how to sing chant and polyphony in a very short amount of time. A great number of the attendees had no experience in singing chant or reading the notation... the results speak well for the possibility of teaching people how to sing chant quickly. Hear the entire list of recordings at:

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