Friday, February 1, 2008

New Bishop of Munich and Freising

"Fresh from a private audience earlier this week with his second predecessor, Archbishop-elect Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising formally touched down in his new charge yesterday in advance of his Saturday installation.As rain fell on the Marienplatz -- the great square outside Munich's Cathedral of Our Lady -- the long-awaited successor to 79 year-old Cardinal Frederich Wetter performed the traditional homage to the Mariensaule, the statue of Mary that's stood atop a pillar there since 1638 as a "monument of peace.""

Archbishop Marx was still in Trier, presiding over the Latin Mass we attended at the Trier Dom on Easter morning last April when we were there. Having arrived an hour before the early morning Mass in order to get good seats, we were on the front row facing the altar. The Mass was beautiful, the organ and choir music was fabulous. I recall the homily had a lot to do with standing fast to our faith and not succumbing to the pressures of the secular world. He has a quality not unlike Pope John Paul II, I think, in that he has such joy in his face and his manner. He doesn't seem to just look over the crowd, but actually sees the individuals.
At the end of the Mass, on his way out, Archbishop Marx stopped to give special blessings to our two little boys on the front row. We wish him well in Munich and know he will be missed in Trier.
Update: See photos from New Liturgical Movement showing the Enthronement...

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