Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Family Outing

We are off to (much colder than Louisiana) Louisville, Kentucky. We plan to take in the excitement at the "Show of Shows" Militaria collectors' heaven. My husband, being a history buff and militaria collector, has been looking forward to this trip with great anticipation... I am going along so that the boys can also experience it (but not to the degree my husband wants to experience it since their attention span on this stuff isn't quite up to his level). The boys are very excited and ready for this trip. They worked so very hard on their schoolwork to finish things up before we leave tomorrow that I was feeling very proud of them both today.

I plan to take along some good books, take the boys on a bit of sightseeing in Louisville and a few kid-type outings while my husband examines as much WWII stuff as he can during our stay there. I don't really know anything about the area (other than basic info. about the Louisville slugger museum and the nearby Science Museum). I would love to put a visit to a wonderful Catholic church on my list of places to visit, but haven't had a chance to research it yet (suggestions welcome). I did a quick search and found the Cathedral of the Assumption in Louisville. Perhaps we'll at least try to visit there.

We'll probably also visit the Ft. Knox tank museum on the trip (I have visited there -- more than once -- so I know that will be fun!). Methinks there could be a little bit of indoctrination of little boys happening in our family!

I was thinking about how very supportive and encouraging my dear husband is with all the chant and music stuff I spend my time on... he appreciates it a great deal, but doesn't feel any need to get into the detail of actually learning how to read neumes, etc. I feel the same way about his militaria. I appreciate it and am glad it brings him pleasure, but don't really keep up on the latest ebay listings for 17th Airborne gear.

If you read this, we'd appreciate a little prayer for a safe journey...


James H said...

Great blog. will say a prayer for your trip. I do a Louisiana Catholic Blogger update when I can and I have added your nice addition. I think you might be in the Diocese of Shreveport so I put you in that link section. If not just let me know

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I appreciate the link. We are in S'port. Janet.