Thursday, February 28, 2008


Chant Choir:
We had a very good rehearsal tonight. We are working to get the propers and ordinaries ready for the next time the schola will sing for Mass, on March 30th. We are hoping to do the entire chanted propers for Low Sunday (Quasimodo Sunday), as well as all the ordinaries from Mass VIII (de Angelis). We continue to work on solfege each week using the Text Book of Gregorian Chant by Dom Sunol (available to purchase or download for free at the CMAA site). It has proven to be of great help to me and the schola in getting better at sight-reading the chant notation.

Home Schooling:
My boys are finishing up their first week in their new grades. My new system of planning out their work for the week, printing it out for them to see all at once has worked well so far. In essence, I put down everything they are required to do for the week and tell them that if they finish up all their work early, they'll get more time to play, perhaps even getting to have a very short day on Friday of each week. So, tomorrow being our first Friday, I am finding that they will, indeed, have a much lighter schedule than normal because each boy has done extra earlier in the week to try to finish up a few subjects before Friday.

Thoughts on Preparing for the Next Move:
It is hard to believe we'll soon be getting ready for the next home... I've already begun mentally thinking of all the things that need to be done... As I look in my kitchen pantry, I am thinking about using up as much as possible before then to reduce waste. Looming in my near future is the prospect of sorting through all our stuff -- clearing out closets, drawers, cupboards and trying to eliminate all non-essential items. As I go through this process with each of these occasions, I am always so amazed at how much stuff we have in our home that we rarely use and even had forgotten about. Each time, after I have taken load after load of stuff to Goodwill and given everything away to friends I could, I vow to streamline our living at the next place, the idea being that I could avoid all this discarding the next time around.

It appears that I haven't yet developed the self-discipline to manage that. Keep in mind that I have just this past week added another 54 books to the load... I have to make up for that weight somewhere... Hmmm... what can I discard that is less essential than books?
Rumor has it that we may have a new bishop for the Diocese of Shreveport announced in the next couple of weeks. We have been praying for a good and holy bishop... we anxiously await the announcement.


James H said...

Hopefully you are not moving out of state :(

Anonymous said...

I'm curious...where did you get your information that Shreveport may soon be getting a bishop? I know several people that work for the Shreveport diocese and when you ask them if there's any news, the response is the same. They don't know and the selection process is secret.

lvschant said...
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lvschant said...

anonmymous... let me tell you that I didn't get the information from anyone in authority... not my pastor, not the associate pastor... the person seemed pretty certain about it, but we'll just have to wait and see if, in the next 2-3 weeks, an announcement is made. Thanks.