Friday, April 22, 2011

Vatican II Hymnal

I've been following with great anticipation the news about Jeff Ostrowski's new hymnal.

For the first time ever, I have been using the OCP Breaking Bread book at the parish where I work now. It was already in place upon my arrival. While the book has a fairly large number of hymns in the back, and even some chants with English translations, I find the translations poor and the accompaniments not as good as those I've used in GIA publications in the past. I went through the music in the book and found that, out of the 900 or so selections, only about 150 or so would I consider using in the liturgy. So... Jeff's planned listing of about 160 hymns, with better text, nice arrangements for SATB choirs and Chabanel psalms sounds very good to me.

There have been several discussions about the layout, music choices, etc. on the MusicaSacra forum. Check it out here.

For all sorts of wonderful resources, check out the Corpus Christi Watershed sites.

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