Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Colloquium 2009 Music Posting

I am trying to catch up with all the music uploading from the last part of the week. This morning I was able to post the entire Saturday Mass, including the Brudieu Requiem Mass and the Gregorian Chant Propers for it, as well as the Victoria Taedet animam meam.

I hope to post a listing of all the uploaded music and the dates of the Masses... hopefully by the end of the week.

We are all back in the real world... tonight is schola rehearsal for the local schola, so I will be able to put to use the new training I had and share the wealth with others.

A few pictures:

Wilko Brouwers

Francis Cardinal George




Singing sisters


Poon family



Impromptu rehearsal



Mary Jane said...

It's tough being back in the real world again - but it was fantastic getting to spend time with you in Chicago. Excelsior!

st.aug.scholette said...

Thanks so much for the Boldieu! But I can't get the Kyrie and the Introit to play. Maybe a problem at my end?

st.aug.scholette said...

And sorry, I meant Brudieu. I'm still in a state of distraction.

lvschant said...

Mary Jane and st.aug.scholette... thanks so much for visiting the blog...

I don't know why there is difficulty in getting the two Brudieu pieces to play, as they are working fine for me... I do know that it sometimes depends on the speed of your connection. Occasionally you'll experience little stops and starts during the playing when your connection is running slow.

Mary Jane... I so enjoyed getting to sing with you again. Can't wait until the next time!

Scelata said...

Hey, that's my hair!
I would comment on the music, but I am still haunting college libraries, so I can see but not hear ;o)

Wasn't that a time!!!!!!

(Save the Liturgy, save the World)

sandy said...


I am interested in Brudieu's Requiem and stumbled on your very interesting blog! :-) Can you tell me if you have the music for this or know where I can find it? Thanks very much!
Sandy Becker

lvschant said...


As far as I know, Wilko Brouwers has not yet published it in octavo form. However, I think you could certainly find it in the music packet at the Musicasacra site here:


It was great fun singing it with him this summer!

sandy said...

Thanks very much!!