Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Colloquium 2009 More Music uploads

This morning, I went back to the music from Thursday, June 25th. I had run out of time during the week and never got the rest of my recordings uploaded.

So... today you can find the following uploaded into the music widget:

Introit Os justi (Gregorian chant)
Kyrie Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)
Gloria Rheinberger (St. John Cantius Choir)
Gradual Domine praevenisti (Gregorian chant)
Alleluia Justus ut palma (Gregorian chant)
Offertory Desiderium (Gregorian chant)
Offertory Motet Laudate pueri Mendelssohn (St. John Cantius Choir)
Sanctus Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)
Benedictus Faure (St. John Cantius Choir)

Unfortunately, my recorder ran out of space before the Brahms piece I sang with my polyphonic choir made it onto the recorder. I'll try to see if I can get it from some other generous soul who successfully recorded it... perhaps Chironomo...


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