Sunday, June 28, 2009

Colloquium 2009 -- Last Day

It is amazing to me how quickly the week has passed. Yesterday the polyphonic choir I sang with (under the direction of Wilko Brouwers from the Netherlands) had a wonderful time singing the Brudieu Requiem Mass. Wilko transcribed the music for us... and it was absolutely wonderful. I will post the recordings tomorrow.

In meantime, I have continued to add individual recordings all week as I had time between rehearsals and lectures. It has been an amazing week. This week we not only had Ordinary and Extraordinary form Masses during the week, but also a full orchestral Haydn Mass featuring Cynthia Nam as soloist for the Benedictus (see recording). My rather primitive recording equipment just doesn't do the music justice. You really would have had to be there to fully experience how beautiful the music for each liturgy was.

I plan to add more comments about the week after I get home... but suffice it to say that it was again a wonderful success and a great learning experience for all who came to the Colloquium this year.

There is already a YouTube video with short clips from the week... I'll post a link later.

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st.aug.scholette said...

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for posting these recordings! "Primitive recording equipment" aside, the sound is plenty good enough to enable one to relive the joy of singing this wonderful music. Hooray for the Colloquium and all the marvelous opportunities it offers us!