Monday, September 29, 2008

More chanting

On this, our third time to practice at the central location, our group was uncomfortably cozy in our little space. We had 5 new faces there this evening, although we were missing two of our regulars. After rehearsal, we met up briefly with the pastor outside while we were chit-chatting. He said we can use the church if we have outgrown our space... so maybe next week, we'll rehearse in the church itself. It will have a much better sound, I am sure, so I'm looking forward to it.

Of the five more Parish Book of Chant copies I have ordered, three are already spoken for... Since we have had new folks each time, I have found myself covering the same ground each week in some ways. I don't want the newcomers to feel lost about understanding the notation, etc., so I rehash the basics each time.

Next week, we begin work on solfege in earnest. I'm planning to bring some practice sheets and will begin our session with some of that. We are still working on the ordinaries for the Mass.

We will work toward being ready to sing at Mass beginning in Advent. There are so many wonderful chant hymns for the season. It will be very nice.


Matt S said...

How does the Parish Book of Chant measure up to the GM and LC in context of our Schola Cantorum?

lvschant said...

If the Parish Book of Chant had been available when we were first starting out, I would have wanted it over the Liber Cantualis for sure. It has a broader repertoire, more hymns, more Mass settings and also the entire Novus Ordo and Extraordinary form Mass settings in Latin/English translations. Plus, everything in the book is translated into English.

In addition, in the back is an entire tutorial on the basics of chant, modes, assignment of ictus locations, etc.

It is a wonderful book. That being said, there isn't anything that can take the place of the Gregorian Missal or Graduale Romanum for the propers. For Sunday Masses, the Gregorian is all you need and is very nice due to the translations. For other non-Sunday feast days for the church year, you would need the Graduale...

I'll bring one for you the next time we come over your way :)