Thursday, January 31, 2008


It has been a bit quieter around here... I enjoyed choir practice with the main choir last night. Despite my fears, the chant is sounding better. I still don't like it with organ accompaniment, but that is just not up to me.

We are also working on some very nice polyphony pieces with the small choir. We worked on three very nice pieces last night -- Lord, for Thy Tender Mercy's Sake, Hide Not Thou Thy Face, Miserere (Lotti). We also did a quick listen through of Tallis' O Nata Lux, a beautiful piece that I first heard sung last summer at the colloquium and When David Heard (Thomkins). I'm not sure which of those we can feasibly do, but it is great fun singing them along the way.

This evening we will have our regular schola rehearsal, when we can hopefully finish working on the Attende, Domine and Parce Domine for Ash Wednesday. I'm also hoping to bring the pieces typically used for Friday evening Stations of the Cross to work on with the schola. Our solfege training will continue, as well as preparations for the next schola Mass on March 30th.

It has been very rainy and a bit cold here (keeping in mind that is relative -- we are in Louisiana, after all). It actually appeared to be snowing here last night, for about 30 seconds or so. This was a thrilling event for my two little boys, who really do wish it would snow here occasionally.

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