Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Site Name Change?

OK, so my husband is a wonderful guy and all that... but he has told me that no self-respecting guy is going to want to read a blog entitled "Vox Feminae". He says it sounds like the owner of the blog must be some crazed liberal feminist (who, if she is a Catholic, also wishes to be ordained) or must be related to some sort of feminine product. He is suggesting I consider renaming the blog. He said it wouldn't really make that much difference since I haven't been blogging all that long... Jokingly, we came up with some alternative names for the blog and I plan to place a poll here at the site so that the 2 or 3 people who read my ramblings from time to time can vote...

His first suggestion was: "Babes for Benedict XVI". The suggestion didn't stop with the name, though. He thought I might want to place some photos of attractive women in swimsuits at the top of the page as well (that's not happening).

Then, trying to think of some other name that he would think doesn't sound too 'feminine', I offered up : "A-10 Pilot's Wife" (although it doesn't really say much about what my normal topics might be -- certainly doesn't suggest my huge interest in Sacred Music -- in Latin). He modified that by saying "Hawgdriver's Wife". He agreed that both have a nice suggestion of a submissive (but proud) wife.

I'm soliciting other ideas before I put the poll in place, so if you have one, please feel free to post it... nothing obscene, of course --ridiculous is fine (although I can't guarantee I'll choose it, even if it gets a big belly laugh).

Postscript: A few other possibilities:

Gaudens gaudebo --I will greatly rejoice

Iubilate Deo -- Sing joyfully to God

Laudate Deum -- Praise God

Dominus Regnavit -- The Lord Reigns

Eine Leise Stimme (German) -- A Soft Voice

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