Saturday, January 26, 2008

Mind change...

It is a woman's prerogative to change her mind, right? It's almost a requirement, I am thinking... so I've changed my mind about the Chant Intensive. After talking it over with my husband, we both decided I should get some really intense training to help with directing the schola. This class seems to be the ticket. I am sorry I won't be able to be at the colloquium -- I am definitely having mixed emotions when I think about how much I learned and enjoyed and absorbed last year... but I also really need some training in chironomy -- chant directing.

I just put together a practice CD for the schola this afternoon... all the chants we'll need for the two times we sing during the Easter season... they include:

Sprinkling Rite (Easter): Vidi aquam
Introit - 2d Sunday of Easter: Quasi modo
Kyrie VIII (de angelis)
Gloria VIII (de angelis)
Alleluia " : In die
Alleluia " : Post dies
Easter sequence: Victimae pascali
we won't be chanting the offertory this year... maybe next :)
Sanctus VIII (de angelis) -- an new one for us
Agnus Dei XVIII ( I know... not exactly right for the Easter season, but I have to add new ordinaries gradually, so I am only adding the new Sanctus this time around)
Communion: Mitte manum

Introit - Ascension: Viri Galilaei
Alleluia - Ascendit Deus
Alleluia - Dominus in Sina
we'll use a chant hymn or polyphony piece for offertory
Communion: Data est mihi

I find this exercise of making the practice CD's for the schola very useful for me as well. It forces me to practice each one until I can record it without errors, so that I am well-prepared before chant rehearsals... plus I often practice my solfege when learning new chants...

You have to picture me (in my master bathroom -- because of course we know we sound best there -- something to do with all the hard surfaces reflecting sound back) standing there with my little digital recorder, chant book(s) and pencil in hand... usually a cup of tea or coffee cooling while I work. Occasionally our schola members have commented on the faint sound of the house alarm bell going off when one of my boys opens a door... or a phone ringing... I think those added sound effects add character... or maybe I just don't want to re-do it once I have a recording that is correct.

The 2d Sunday of Easter is Divine Mercy Sunday and is also the one-year anniversary since our schola sang for its first Mass. Perhaps a party is in order... champagne... dinner... camaraderie...

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