Friday, July 11, 2008

Steve Ray visits Ft. Worth

Yesterday afternoon the boys and I attended a short talk given by author Steve Ray. The talk was about teaching your children to love their Faith. The boys truly enjoyed his way of talking about raising children to love God. He sprinkled his talk with many anecdotes about his own family and illustrating his points with actual occurrences. I was impressed with his excitement about being a Catholic and his positive encouragement for us all to live our faith daily.

We left with one of his books, a DVD and a CD. I also plan to check out his website regarding his trips to the Holy Land, including his cruise tour of the journeys of St. Paul. I think my parents would really enjoy such a trip... Steve and his wife, Janet, are both licensed tour guides in Israel.

I've already begun reading his book Crossing the Tiber. It is wonderfully documented and very compelling. I think it would be great reading for anyone who is interested in why (how) a good evangelical could possibly consider becoming a Roman Catholic. It has big value in giving a level of understanding of the logic, as well as a fair analysis (and refutation of the underlying assumptions) of the typical prejudices taught in many protestant denominations. For a Catholic, I think it offers great information for apologetic occasions... I sometimes find myself at a loss to know just how to approach a discussion with a non-Catholic about faith and religion. I feel the need to share the truth with them, but would like to do it in a way that may actually do some good, rather than just give me a feeling of having 'been right'. To me, the goal isn't winning the argument so much as helping them to find their way home to the Church if at all possible.


James H said...

I would have loved to hear him Speak. His Apologetic books on the Papacy at first rate

Matt said...

Some things to consider when sharing the faith with an Evangelical or other Protestant:

First off, they will probably be shocked to fine out you are a Catholic who cares about their faith. Most protestants have a dim view of the Faith because they know zero Catholics who take it seriously. This was my experience. So just by talking about it with them at all and in a general way you are waking them up.

Second, most protestants are either really "into it" or they are "comfortable". Once you identify your audience there will be a clear path. The comfortable type are those you can and should invite to a parish function. Doctrinal back and forths won't bring them over. Chances are they don't know their faith very well and experiential things may make them as questions. You can provide those answers.

The more they know their faith and are really into it the more apologetics you will need to know. For myself, once the authority of Peter was firmly established in my mind, it was all over.

Hope that helps. Btw, when I read your online name it sounds like "Elvis Chant" in my head...:-)

lvschant said...

Thanks for your comments James and Matt...

Matt... I appreciate your hints about talking to Protestants. I'll be looking for opportunities to try your suggestions out on 'comfortable' protestants. Any thoughts on lapsed Catholics who have drifted into Protestant denominations? You know the type... they were baptized, hardly practiced their faith at all in their youth (probably Christmas and Easter Catholics at best), yet self-described as "raised as a Catholic". I have run across a few of those in the recent past... I am always so tempted to tell them -- COME ON HOME! We want you back!