Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Chicago's Grant Park Music in the Park, June 14th

I have been meaning to write about the wonderful concert I was able to attend with my sister and brother-in-law while in Chicago. After the completion of Chant Intensive, I spent a little time visiting my sis and her husband before departing. After a nice morning spent doing a little pool-cleaning, a little shopping, and a lot of talking, we made the trek in to the city for the Saturday evening Grant Park Music Festival Concert of Beethoven's Missa Solemnis. It was performed by the Grant Park Orchestra and Chorus, with four soloists, as well.

Having spent the week singing Latin Mass parts in chant, hearing them in this wonderful Beethoven concert was an amazing end to the week. My sister and her husband, who are Baptist, weren't really all that familiar with the parts of the Mass. I helped them find the words and translations in the programs so that they would understand a bit of what was being said...

I found the Credo particularly nice... and emotionally moving. When thinking of the words of the Creed and listening to Beethoven's musical interpretation of them... I find myself lacking the words to describe it appropriately.

The park is lovely... we were there early and had all the necessary accoutrements (folding chairs, table, wine, cheese, fruit... ). It was also fun to walk around the park and see the water feature where all the kids were playing beneath the fountains. The changing faces sculpture thing was very cool.

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