Thursday, December 24, 2009

Snow storm rocks our world...

Well... my earlier post was a bit too optimistic. I hope the music program went as planned, but I was not able to participate. We donned our Christmas best, hopped in the car (freshly printed music booklets and small gifts for the schola on board) and were completely unable to even get the vehicle out of our own driveway due to the amount of ice that lay beneath the snow.

Now granted, if we had a really steep driveway, you might say that we wimped out. That is not the case. Our driveway has a bit of a slope in one direction, but not even close to the grade on some of the roads between our house and the church.

We decided prudence was the better part of valor and put the vehicle back in the garage and called "Uncle". After a family rosary, and dinner, we will soon be putting the little ones to bed and waiting for the rotund, red-clad one to appear.

Merry Christmas!

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