Saturday, February 21, 2009

Cool New Gadget

I was browsing at Amazon, looking for old, obscure music stuff, when I happened across this video clip that demonstrates the soon-to-be-available Kindle2. As I watched and read about the features of this amazingly cool tool, I was envisioning old Star Trek shows with actors pretending to read from an electronic device...

Being an avid reader, I can see that this would be something I would really enjoy in the future... the nearly $400 price tag is a bit off-putting to me now. I also wonder if I would really be able to find the books I want in the list of offerings. In taking a quick look through the available books, I found all the bestsellers (at a mere $9.99 each), and international newspapers and liberal news magazines... also some blogs (those that Amazon deemed worthy to include -- probably based on volume). They make it very easy for you to buy many, many books and magazines at the click of a button! Having a somewhat unusual taste in reading material, in books, magazines and blogs, I am unsure that this would have as much appeal for me for all my reading. I am not convinced they would be uploading my particular choice. Plus, I am not a person who rushes out and buys novels in hardback form as soon as they are available. I typically can wait for the paperback edition (and do). I rarely pay $9.99 per book for an entertaining novel now.

One bright spot... it has the capability for downloading and reading Word or pdf files from your computer. This would be great to be able to review/edit things while on the go without taking the entire computer along.

Check out the video clip... it is a very cool thing. Not being on the cutting edge of technology, I'll probably not get one of these things until the next couple of generations pass through... but I look forward to it!


Scelata said...

Really like your new blog format/template.

If I win the lottery, I'll buy us all Kindles! (But I also don't see that it would be much use for me)

Save the Liturgy, Save the World!

Mary Jane said...

The Kindle is truly cool - and we only have a first-generation model.

Love the new format as well. Gosh, I don't come by for a couple of weeks and there's all sorts of new "stuff."

lvschant said...

I think the Kindle2 is the 2nd gen... but don't know for sure. My husband got one for me for my birthday... too extravagant in my opinion, but I do like it. I'll bring it with me to the colloquium and you can check it out :)