Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

I am happily typing this on my new laptop... yes, I opened it this morning amid the mountain of ripped and torn wrapping paper that quickly piled up around our Christmas tree as the boys delved into all the good things there. As my youngest was opening up a package that was, unmistakably, "just clothes", he was heard to say: "Come on, everyone knows that kids don't want clothes for Christmas!" Happily, there were things other than clothes under the tree for the little spoiled darling.

I have successfully moved my files from the hubby's computer to mine... software is installed... everything is working beautifully. Perhaps I'll be a bit more regular at posting now that it will be much more convenient.

Christmas Vigil Mass was very nice at San Mateo. Father Bob was (as always) wonderful... the Mass was solemn and reverent... incense, sung prayers... it was joyful and peaceful. Our little schola did a nice job. Because I forgot to tell them, they were unsure a few times just how we were going to do things. Fr. Bob had a few changes he wanted me to make right before Mass, and I forgot to tell them. They are pretty flexible, though, and stayed with me! I am so enjoying singing with these wonderful people. Can't wait for the other new things we'll be learning in the new year.

Te Deum Laudamus!

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