Friday, December 28, 2007

Political musings

I am glad Mike Huckabee is a Christian... I am glad he is pro-life. However, I don't agree with his views on several key issues... like his views on immigration, propensity toward taxing the heck out of his constituents, etc. I also find his huckster-like comedic quips on the campaign trail more than a bit annoying... Here's a quote I find troublesome...

Well, let’s remember that all law establishes morality. That’s what law does. The law of speeding is saying that it’s immoral to go at 85 miles an hour. The morality is that we have established a 65-mile-an-hour limit. So that’s what all law does: It establishes that it is wrong for me to murder you (emphasis added). – Mike Huckabee

Doesn't he have it backward? Doesn't morality provide the underlying basis for laws?

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